Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Latest Adventures

Hoppy Easter!
"What an amazing Easter we had, Molly! We got so many eggs!"
"Yeah, but we can't eat them!"
 "We can't? Oops. What about the candy?"
"Double oops."
"Oh well, Carter, at least Easter is only once a year so I can let it slide this time....only if you promise not to tell anyone that I ate some candy too."
"My lips are sealed. Wait, is that why you started hopping around like a bunny? I thought that seemed a little strange for you."
 Well, I'm not used to eating so much sugar!
"That's OK, Molly. You'll get plenty of exercise at the Grand Opening of the Elmo and Rosalea Marrs Memorial Dog Park this weekend!"
"I can't wait! It will be the biggest social event we've attended since our semi-retirement, and there will be LOTS of dogs there!"

"Molly, you can dress to impress. My heart belongs to one dog. His name is Brojan. Didn't he look dreamy this weekend?"

"Love that smile!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. You two lovebirds left me out in the cold, but this weekend I could meet my prince charming!"

"Yes, maybe he'll be running in the Bark for Life. I love a dog that can give back to a good cause!"
"Maybe I should run too. What do you think, Carter?"
"I think you'd do better than me! I get winded walking around the block!"
Do you think Molly can run the race? Come find out at Stockstill Park this Saturday @ 10:00am
(P.S. You can bring your dog too....maybe he and Molly will, you know, become friends!)
Molly & Carter

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Month of Celebration!

It is Officially Irish Month at the Titanic!

"Carter, don't look so sad! This is a festive month!"

"I know, Molly, I just wish it would stop snowing so we could lay in the warm sunshine like the lions of Africa."

"The lions of Africa!? Where do you get this stuff?"

"I've been reading a lot of National Geographic magazines...we should really consider world travel since we're retired."

"I was thinking south Florida."
"And you think I'm the one with no ambition!"  

"Well, we can at least pretend to travel to Ireland this month when we visit the Titanic!"
You're right - we do look pretty good in green too!

"Besides, I still need time to recover from Mardi Gras! Boy do those people know how to have some fun!"

And, boy, do we know how to dress for the occasion!
"Molly, what is Fat Tuesday anyway?"
"It's the day that everyone can eat rich, fatty foods before they fast for Lent."
"Wow! A day to eat anything I want! How come I didn't get to indulge in rich, fatty foods on Tuesday?"
 "Because you're on a diet."


"No buts, Carter! We have to look our best! Our 2014 season begins this week and we want to be in tip top shape!"

"OK, Molly, but next year I am going to eat some King Cake!"
"Do what you want next year, but on March 15th, and then March 17th - 23rd, we will be making another appearance at Titanic! It will be St. Patty's Day and Spring Break!"
"Well, I hope they don't ask me to wear a bikini again - or a hula skirt for that matter!"

Oh, it wasn't that bad, Carter!
"Speak for yourself, Molly. I am still recovering from the trauma."
"Now who's being dramatic!?"
"We get to take turns at everything don't we?"
"Yes, Carter. We're good at taking turns. We're good sisters!" 

Come play with us during Spring Break this March at the Titanic Museum Attraction! We promise to take turns with you at the helm!
(If you don't know what the "helm" is you need to come learn about it at Titanic!)
We'll be right here to teach you!
Molly & Carter
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spring is in the Air

WOOHOO! Spring is almost here!!!!!!!!!

"Molly, I am so excited that spring is just around the corner, and we get to welcome all of the Spring Break crowds to Titanic!"

"Me too! Last weekend was a blast! The Titanic is the most romantic ship in the world! Weren't all of the couples just lovely?"

"Yes - and the vow renewals at the Grand Staircase! It's a girl's dream, but wouldn't it be like a fairytale if I were to marry Brojan at the ship!?"
"Oh Carter, Carter. Dogs don't get married, they multiply."
"Wow - that took all of the romantic wind right out of my sails, Molly. Thanks a lot."

"You're welcome."

"Besides, Carter, I'd be very sad if you left my side."

"Now, that is the sweetest thing you have said to me all year!"

"It's only February."

"I know, but it adds drama when I say 'ALL YEAR!'"

"You've got a point. Who taught you these things?"
"I have many teachers, Molly. In fact, all of my teachers are invited to the Titanic for the remainder of February for Titanic Loves Teachers! We want to honor all of our teacher friends!"

"And we'll be back at the Titanic March 1st & 2nd, and also for Spring Break - in case the teachers miss us!"

How about for Easter?
"Carter, Easter isn't until late April. Let's not think about that now!"
"OK, Molly, but I am really hoping the Easter Bunny brings me lots of chocolate kisses, cream filled candy eggs, and marshmallow Peeps."
"Stop, Carter, you're making me hungry! That sounds delicious! Hurry up Easter!"

Come visit us at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson! We'll be right here to greet you!

   Molly & Carter

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Bowl Weekend!

Considering a New Career in Sports...

"Carter, I had never thought of it before, but we could consider becoming cheerleaders!"

"Maybe for the Puppy Bowl, but not the NFL."

"What's the NFL?"

"Molly, Molly, I'm usually the clueless one, but it's ok for you to take a turn at it once in awhile! The NFL is the National Football League, and their Super Bowl is this weekend!"

"Well, even if we can't cheer for the NFL, I would like to cheer for our puppy friends....I mean, we are dressed for the occasion."

"I know! Let's have our own Puppy Bowl. Lily can be the referee, and Biscuit can be the football player!"

"Um, Carter, I don't know much about football, but wouldn't we need an opponent for Biscuit?"

"Oh...yeah, I guess you're right. We'll need to plan better for next year."

"At least we can all pose for the camera since we're here! How about a different angle?"


"Well I love being with our family and having fun, and that is just what we are going to do this weekend! It was fun to visit our family at the ship too!"

"And we get to return again on Valentine's Weekend!"

"I thought retirement might get boring, but it has been a blast! Super Bowl parties, snow days, winter retreats...this is a dog's life!"

"Hey, Carter, how about this look for Valentine's Weekend?"

"It looks like you're smoking a rose."

"Ok, how about this then..."


"Isn't that how the models do it?"

"Molly, Molly...let's focus on one thing at a time. Get your cheer leading outfit back on and let's have some fun this weekend. We can blog about our time at the ship on Valentine's weekend later!"

"Oh, alright, Carter, but I still think I look like a model."

If you are in Branson Valentine's Weekend, come visit us at Titanic. Maybe you can receive a rose from our resident supermodel!

See you there!
  Molly & Carter

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Winter Weather & Snow-Capped Hills!

"Oh my goodness, Carter, it is finally starting to warm up around here! I thought my toenails were going to get frostbite!"

"I know, Molly! I mean we want to know what it was like on Titanic in the cold, North Atlantic, but this took the realism a little too far! Brrrrr!"

"The up side is that we had a lot of free ice to munch on!"

"Yeah, I bet the guys at Sonic were sad to lose our business the last few weeks!"

"But you know what they say, 'Why buy the ice when you can get it for free?'"

"Who says that, Carter? Are you thinking of what they say about milk and cows?"

"Milk, cows, ice - something like that. Hey - if we throw in some chocolate we can have ourselves a milkshake!"

"Carter, Carter, Carter...always thinking of food!"

"Well, there's not much else to think about when you're living a dog's life!"

"How about thinking of our visit to the ship this weekend?"

"This weekend? I thought I was retired?"

"And I thought you had made a Christmas wish that you could visit the ship on special weekends to see our family there?"

"But that was before I knew how nice it would be to lay around the house all day and do nothing."

"Hmpf. No ambition. How are you my sister?! Maybe I can change my last name."

"You can never deny you're my sister, Molly, I mean we look like twins.... besides that we don't have a last name."

"Well maybe you don't, but I do. Haven't you ever paid attention to the signage: Molly AND Carter?"

"Wait, so you think your last name is AND?"

"Of course. It's the word that comes after my first name. First name, last name. Isn't that how it goes?"

"And you want to write a New York Times Best Seller?"

"I know. I should probably drop the last name so I can be one of those single-named famous people like Cher or Madonna. Good idea, Carter! I appreciate it!"

"Great, glad I thought of it. Now I can just call you Molly."

"Oh, speaking of appreciation, it is area appreciation for locals at Titanic! We appreciate everyone who lives and works close to us, and we want to thank them with discounted tickets to come see our new exhibit!"

"And they can come see us on Saturday and Sunday for the next two weekends!"

We look forward to seeing you, and as always, we'll be right here to greet you!

*Unless we are out grocery shopping with our new buddies
 (they're retired too)


Molly & Carter

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Friday, December 27, 2013

A Fond Farewell!!

"Well, it is almost New Year's Eve and we are getting ready to celebrate...right, Carter? Carter? Why do you look so sad?"

"What's there to celebrate, Molly? We are retiring in two days and I'm going to miss everyone!! No more spotlight! No more adoration! No more tummy rubs and treats! Just talking about it makes me want to cry!!"

"Geesh, Carter - and you thought I was the drama queen!"

"Well, it's true, Molly. Doesn't it make you sad??"

"I suppose it would if I were never coming back, but I thought a lot about that Christmas wish you made, and I made a few calls."


"And... I got us a schedule to come back in 2014 during specific dates like holiday weekends, summer months, and special events!"


"Yes! We will have the best of both worlds next year! More time at home to live a dog's life, and special times to spend with our Titanic family."

"Oh, Molly, this is a Christmas wish come true! It's the best news ever! It's really time to celebrate now! Woohoo! It's party time!"

"Whoa, whoa, Carter, calm down. You might scare the children."

"OK, Molly, but I am feeling festive now! Let's go out for some drinks!"

"Carter, we don't drink!"

"Well, how about some big, delicious cupcakes!"

"No, we have to watch our weight."

"Some boiled potatoes?"

"Full of carbs."

"Kibbles of our dog food?"

"I think we can arrange for that - but only a few."

"Wow, you really know how to take the fun out of the party."

"You'll thank me later. Our semi-retirement years are just the beginning. We'll be on the cover of magazines, on the New York Times Best-Seller list, on daytime talk shows! You'll want to look your best!"

"Now who is being dramatic?"

"Not dramatic, just dreaming big! My first title will be, 'Molly: The Unsinkable Spirit of Titanic's First Dog Mascot'."

"Gee, let me guess the star of that Titanic tale..."

"...ummm, Molly, what's on your face?"

"Huh, what? Me?"

"Yes, on your face...oh my gosh! You have a rash! Did you infect me!?"

"Oh, Carter, it's just blush! I'm getting ready for my cover shot. What do you think of the Hollywood glam?"

"Looks pretty scary. Wait a minute! Did you get your lips done!? They look fuller than before. Oh no - it's come to this! You've gone under the knife and you're only 5 years old!"

"Calm down! It's just Photoshop - dogs don't even have lips."

"Whew - well, I'm glad to hear that! Wait - I don't have lips! Oh my gosh! How will I eat!"

"Oh my goodness, Carter! You have a lot to learn about show biz. Don't worry, we have lots of time now to teach you all about it."

Tune in next time to find out whether Molly & Carter 
will adapt to their new, semi-retired life!

You still have a few more days to see us in 2013! We'll be right here to greet you!


Molly & Carter

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas!

What will be under your tree this year??

"Oh, Carter, it's the most wonderful time of the year, isn't it? Pretty lights, snow in the air, Christmas music playing everywhere!"

"Hey, Molly, you rhymed!"

"Not only do I rhyme, but I ~~S~~I~~N~~G....!"

"I sing too!"

"Carter! Carter!"


"My ears - please - stop singing!"

"But singing is fun!"

"But listening isn't!"

"Hey, Molly, remember what we got for Christmas last year?"

"How could I forget those gorgeous tiaras! They sparkled like nothing else... except maybe the Titanic Jewelry Collection that is."

"We have a Titanic Jewelry Collection!?"

"Well yes, Carter, and if you want to get me something just wait until December 27th. Our collection will be on Jewelry Television, and I have my eyes on the pieces inspired by Madeleine Astor!"

December 27th 1pm-3pm & 10pm-12am

"Oooohh...what do they look like?"

"They're simply stunning! I can't describe them all, Carter, you'll have to go to www.jtv.com and look up the Titanic Jewelry Collection. Pick my gift from ANYTHING in the collection and I will really sing!"

"OK, Molly. You are my sister, and I love you, so I will get you something beautiful!!"

"What would you like for Christmas, Carter?"

"Gee, Molly, I have so much already... the ship is beautifully decorated in garland, lights, trees, & ornaments - it's breathtaking - and we have our Fantasy Princess here, and our family! What more could I ask for??"



"Well, it's not a bad request."

"Oh, I know! For Christmas I want to be able to visit my family here at the ship after we semi-retire! You know, like when families get together for the holidays."

"Visit the ship during holidays and special times of year in 2014?? I think I can work on that request. It is a very good Christmas wish."

"Now, Molly, it's time to cross our fingers and hope that we are not on Santa's naughty list!"


What are you doing this holiday season? 
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Molly & Carter

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