Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pet Education Month

Who's Your Daddy?

"Carter, wouldn't it be more appropriate to say, 'Who's Your Mama?'"

"Yeah, but I like the sound of 'Who's Your Daddy?' better."

"I like that picture of you giving a high five - and you know it takes a lot for me to say something nice about a picture of you!"

"Well, thank you, Molly. Mama Kelli took that picture. It's just one of the things our Dog Handlers do to take care of us and make us look good!"

"Wasn't it fun to teach the kids about what it takes to be a dog handler?!"

Click Here to read all about it!

"It was great to be a teacher, Molly! I think it could be my second career choice!"

"I'd like to see you in a classroom - I can just imagine all the naps you'd take and all of the kids taking turns petting you. They would never get any work done!"

"Well, I am hard to resist. I think it's my big, brown eyes and my soft fur."

This is the face that makes them fall in love!

"OK, Ms. Beautiful, let's get back to teaching - see what I mean! We're already getting distracted by 'The Teacher.'"

"OK, OK! Hey - did we tell them about our Pet Report?"

"Not yet!"

"Every week we get to sponsor the 106.3 KRZK Pet Report to help connect lost pets to their owners!"

Listen to this week's Pet Report

"We like to do all we can to help our furry friends! That's why we've made April our 'Pet Education Month.'" 

"And we get to teach our readers all about caring for their pets!"

"It is very important to take good care of your dog, cat, fish, bird, or whichever pet you choose to adopt into your family."

"That's right, Molly, and that's why we ask the all important question, 'Who's Your Daddy?'"

"Or, 'Who's Your Mama?'"

"Are YOU a pet parent? If you are then you need to read our fun article about how to care for your pet! Look for it on our Pet Education Page in a few weeks!"

Every pet deserves to be healthy and happy!

"Oh, and Molly, we have to let our readers know about my boyfriend, Brojan."

"Carter, you are really sassy today! And Brojan is not your boyfriend!"

"Well, he might be one day! He is dreamy! I've always loved a man in uniform!"

Brojan is a service dog specializing in mobility and stability!

"And this was our first kiss..."

"Carter! There are children reading this blog!"

"Sorry - it was just such a special moment! (sigh)"

"The point that Carter, the 'Great Teacher,' was supposed to make here is that we interviewed Brojan about what it takes to be a service dog. Look for the interview on our Pet Education Page next week.....Carter....Carter!"

"Huh, what... oh, yes, pets and vets...all very that what we were saying?"

"Yes, Carter, Pet Education Month, remember?"

"Yes. Of course I do! There is so much to learn this month! Be sure to visit our Facebook, web site and, of course, our museum!"

We'll be right here to greet you!

With Puppy Love,
(and Carter has a lot of it!),

Molly & Carter

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