Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Titanic Dogs Get International Exposure!

Our friends from Russia!

"Carter, wasn't it amazing to meet all of these tourism professionals from Russia!?"

"And the representative from the U.S. Department of Commerce! I felt very important!"

"Well, our job WAS very important! Hosting international guests is no easy task! We all speak different languages!"

"Well, Molly, everyone speaks my language - the language of LOVE!"

We needed no interpreter for this communication!

"Carter, you're such a ham. Everyone thinks I'm the one who wants the spotlight, but look at how you stole the attention of this girl! I was snubbed!"

"You're just jealous, Molly. Everyone always flocks to you because you're so cute, and small, and dainty. Meanwhile, they all think I'm a boy! So let me enjoy this moment please!"

"Well, you ARE right about one thing...I AM pretty cute!"

"Yes, you are, but a little difficult, and maybe even a little bossy. That's why you haven't found true love yet."

"Who are you? Dear Abby?"

"Well, I'm just thinking of my sweet Brojan coming this week, and I kind of felt bad that you don't have a Brojan in your life."

I don't need a man! I have all my girls!

"Um...Biscuit is a boy."

"That's not the point! Let's get back to WHY Brojan is coming - besides to see his true love!"

"Brojan is coming with his mama, Helen Benziger, the great-granddaughter of Margaret Tobin "Molly" Brown!"

"Yes, Carter, she will be here for two days, June 20th & 21st, only. If any of you reading this have never met her it is a MUST! She's fabulous!"

"How often do you get a chance to meet a direct descendant of the 'Unsinkable Molly Brown?'"

"Or a Titanic author? Tammy Knox, author of Trapped on the Titanic, will be here this Thursday and Friday too!"

"Molly, do you know any other dogs that get to meet as many famous people as we do?"

Uh, maybe the 1st Dog, Bo Obama?

"He doesn't count!"

"Why not?"

"Because he's a Portuguese Water Dog that can't even swim!"

"Ooohhh, we have something in common! Maybe I can date him!"

"Ugh, Molly, you're hopeless!"

If you enjoy our antics and want to hear more, come visit us at the Titanic Museum Attraction!
Come tomorrow or Friday and you'll also get to meet Titanic descendant
Helen Benziger, and Titanic author Tammy Knox! 
See you there!

  Molly & Carter

Click Here to learn more about meeting Helen & Tammy!
Click Here to visit the Titanic Dogs web page!

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